Representation of Property Owners' Associations

Property owners' associations ("POA's") are similar to private cities. Officers and directors of POA's are similar to city council members - they are elected by the constituents (property owners), and their job is to implement the laws (restrictive covenants) governing the city (subdivision). They answer to the citizens (property owners), and their actions can significantly affect the quality of life in their communities. They can also exert a strong influence on property values. They should be firm but fair.

Sean P. Healy has represented POA's for approximately twenty years. His experience includes the following areas:

  • Tracking changes in the law, and advising POA's on those changes;
  • Corporate matters such as drafting and amending Bylaws, drafting policies and procedures, and advising POA officers and directors;
  • Collection of homeowners' dues and assessments, including representation of POA's in expedited foreclosures;
  • Enforcing restrictive covenants;
  • Advising POA officers and directors on various matters; and
  • Representing POA's in litigation.

The firm provides a wide variety of other legal services including civil litigation, representing businesses and nonprofit organizations, family matters, estate planning, Second Amendment matters, aviation cases, and dispute resolution.

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